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Wire Rope Slings
Wire Rope Slings, Sling Bridles
& Pendant Cable Assemblies
Fabricated at our facility with on site
Load Testing & Certification Available
Alloy Chain Slings
GrabIQ Brand from Gunnebo
Alloy chain slings are Fabricated
Load Tested & Certified on site.
Distinctive colors to determine grade
Reduced fittings to simplify rigging
Built in shortening pockets
available for every leg
Grade 100 for increased capacity- About 25% more than Grade 80
Nylon & Polyester
Flat web slings
Advantages of Pro-EdgeŽ:

A webbing of double-ply construction with stuffers, made out of high-tenacity yarns
The edges consist of twisted tire-cord yarns
The webbing is dyed and impregnated with a high-quality mix of various binders which enhance abrasion resistance
Pro-EdgeŽ slings are available in nylon or polyester
Domestic Rigging Hardware
The Crosby Group
Wire Rope
We sell a full line of Wire Rope;
Standard Wire Rope
Rotation Resistant Wire Rope
Galvanized Aircraft
Bright Finish, Galvanized, Stainless steel, Vinyl Coated
Synthetic Slings
-Nylon and Polyester Web Slings
 -Endless Polyester Round Slings
 -High Performance Twin-Path Slings
With Capacities up to 500,000 LBS.
Cargo Control Products
We stock and sell cargo control items including: Binder Chains
Ratchet Straps, Flat hook, Wire hook
V-ring Ratchet & Lever Load Binders
Winch Straps Flat hook Wire hook
V-ring, Chain extension
Weld on D-rings, Corner Protectors
Manual Chain Hoist's
We stock and sell manual hoists
Coffing Brand Manual & Lever Type
Magna Brand Manual & Lever type
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