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   Sling Inspection &
Load Test Certification
Columbia Rigging has the ability to proof load test & certifiy your slings and rigging hardware in accordance with ASME/ ANSI requirements, using our 200,000 LB. capacity Esco proof test machine calibrated to N.I.S.T. calibration standards.
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Columbia Rigging Corporation, as a
SBA HUBZone supplier has supplied
businesses with a large range of products
that are completely separate from
Wire Rope & Rigging.
  Welding Supplies, Electrical Supplies
Wood & Metal Pallets, Generators
 Street Sweepers, Commercial Trailers
Ion Resin, LCI Stainless Products
Traffic Radar, Detectors, Bearings
Tools, Craftco Asphalt Crack Sealers
Diesel Powered Light Towers
Cameras for RadioactiveTank Cleanup
Alloy Steel, Office Equipment
Metal Doors......Etc.
      Basically, just about Anything
Let us find a Product for you!